Fork Mic Knife

Music, Food, Conversation...

Fork Mic Knife

Something amazing happens when you invite friends over for dinner. Since 2010, we promoted live music in unique venues featuring national touring artists as well as regional and local musicians in Northern Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey and Illinois. Hosting the artists and friends after the show at our home or their’s started a tradition for a family meal which has typically led to conversations that go well into the night. Through these shows and late night dinners we’ve been lucky enough to hear artist’s stories about life on the road, family and the music they make.

We created Fork Mic Knife to capture the casual conversation that happens between friends over dinner. Each episode will feature regional fare made with our own spin and share the recipes for you to try. The artist’s stories won’t be ones you’ll hear anywhere else and there will be music. Their stage will range from the comfort of a living room to a front porch to a schooner…and we look forward to sharing these special moments with you.



Season 1, Episode 2

Tony Lucca

Season 1, Episode 2

Pat McGee

Season 1, Episode 3

Jay Nash

Season 1, Episode 4

Matt Duke

Season 1, Episode 5

Dan Monea, Paul Pfau, & Caleb Hawley

Season 1, Episode 6

Jesse Ruben

Season 2, Episode 1

Flagship Romance

Season 2 Episode 2

Seven Steps Up

Season 2 Episode 3

Paul Pfau

Season 2 Episode 4

Amy Gerhartz

Season 2 Episode 5

Andrea Nardello

Season 2 Episode 6

Pat McGee

Season 2 Episode 7

Gabe Dixon

Season 2 Episode 8

Keaton Simons

Season 3 Episode 1

Hey Monea

Season 3 Episode 2

BoatCast Podcast

Season 3 Episode 3

Paul Cullen

Season 3 Episode 4

Steve Everett

Season 3 Episode 3