Featured Artist: Graham Colton

August 14, 2013

A taste of Oklahoma is swinging by FNDTN in the form of singer-songwriter Graham Colton. After receiving more than his intended kickstarter goal, Colton has been hard at work on his upcoming record “Lonely Ones”, due out sometime this fall. We reached out to Colton for a simple Q&A on his story, his upcoming record, working with Wayne Coyne, and more.

Can you tell us a little about your backstory and how you became the musician you are today?

Thanks to Napster, I unintentionally became a touring musician. Later, thanks to bands like ‘Counting Crows’, ‘The Wallflowers’, ‘Better Than Ezra’, and ‘Dave Matthews Band’, I was able to tour the country and cut my teeth.

What musicians, past or present, influence you and the music you make?

I’m the ultimate Tom Petty fan but have recently been super inspired and have collaborated with ‘The Flaming Lips’.

You’re releasing a new record in the fall called “Lonely Ones.” What can you tell us about it?

It’s a complete departure from anything I have ever done!

From songwriting to recording, was the creative process any different from your previous efforts?

Totally different and completely 180 degrees in the opposite direction from how I normally write and record music.

You went over your kickstarter goal that backed your new record. How did it feel to have the support from all the fans?

It was an incredible thing to know I didn’t have to worry about anything to make this album. With the help from fans, I was able to try anything and everything creatively to make this album a reality.

What has the experience been like in working with The Flaming Lips/Wayne Coyne?

Getting out of my comfort zone was the best thing I could’ve done. Wayne will do that to ya!

You’ve got two Buncearoo shows coming up in our area this weekend. What do you look forward to most for these shows?

This will be my first time performing new songs. What a great atmosphere to debut new material.

Favorite guilty pleasure musician of all time?

Guilty pleasure musician….like Rascal Flatts? Yeah, Rascal Flatts!

Thanks for talking to us at Pick-Up. We look forward to the show and the new record. Any last shout outs?

Thanks to Buncearoo! Can’t wait!

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