Featured Artist: Erick Baker

April 10, 2013

We’re excited to feature singer-songwriter Erick Baker before his show at Foundation Gallery & Liveroom tomorrow night (4/11). With two full-length records under his belt, his latest Goodbye June being released last year, Erick Baker already has his sights set on writing and recording another record. We reached out to Erick about becoming an artist, Goodbye June, and more. Get to know Erick Baker below.

What moment sparked your interest in becoming the artist you are today?

I didn’t pick up a guitar until after I graduated from college so I guess my moment was a little later than most. Music had always been a part of my life, but once I started playing music, it became my life. However, it wasn’t until a night in May of 2007 that I ever really considered music as a career. That night I got the opportunity to open for John Legend at the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, TN. I went from playing to 15 people to playing for 1500, and the guy who walked on that stage was not the same guy who walked off. That night lit a fire inside of me and there is no doubt that without that moment, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

What musicians have been influential on your musical career?

Some of my favorite musical memories are singing with my sister when we were kids. She is the one who first introduced me to my love of music and singing. She performed in a lot of musicals and sang in a lot of pageants when we were growing up and from her practicing around the house, I learned every song she sang note for note. Then somehow, that love got lost along the way, and it laid undiscovered until I picked up the guitar many years later. Looking back though, I feel like those first songs singing with my sister as a kid are what started me on my musical career path.

You released your second full length record “Goodbye June” last year. How has the reception been to the record so far?

“Goodbye June” has helped open so many doors for me. Last year was the biggest year of my career by far. I was able to make thousands of new fans all over the world touring in Cuba, Europe, Asia, and all over the US with amazing artists like Heart and Edwin McCain. The success that I’ve had since releasing “Goodbye June” has truly helped solidify my career in music.

From recording and songwriting, could you talk about the creative process for Goodbye June?

A songwriting session is actually what led to the recording of “Goodbye June”. I first met producer, Ken Coomer (former Wilco/Uncle Tupelo drummer), at a songwriting session. We connected instantly, and the first day we met we wrote “Fall In Love Again” together, which actually ended up on the record. A few weeks later we got together to write again, but instead of writing we spent the whole time talking about doing a record together. Just a few months later we were in Nashville, TN at Creative Workshop Studios making a record.

What else can your fans expect from you the rest of 2013?

We plan on playing as many shows as we can. One of the highlights we’re most excited about is a 3 week tour this Summer with Navy Entertainment playing shows for our troops deployed overseas. In between shows, I will be writing and preparing to start work on my next record sometime around the first of 2014.

Favorite guilty pleasure musician?

This one is so easy…Garth Brooks! If I’m driving late at night and start getting sleepy, you can bet that my car will soon be blasting some GB and I’m going to be singing every word as loud as I can. After Garth, Tupac runs a close second!

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