Featured Artist – Steve Everett

January 22, 2013

We’re featuring Greenboro singer-songwriter Steve Everett as he prepares for his show at Foundation Gallery & Liveroom this Saturday night! Being inspired at just the age of 10 to take the musician’s route, he continues on to write and record more music as shown in his latest record Reciprocity, released back in September. We spoke to Steve about his inspirations, the creative process for his record, what to expect from him in 2013 and more! Get to know Steve Everett below.

Catch Steve Everett this Saturday night at Foundation Gallery & Liveroom with Jessi Canning.

When was the moment you decided being a musician is what you wanted to do with your life?

I was 10 years old and watching a choir sing at a church. I had never been affected by anything like I was that night. I remember feeling the sheer power of what music could express. I just felt so small in the presence of that big sound and intense beauty. I wanted to create my own beauty and make people feel like that, too.

What musicians -past or present- inspire you to make the music you make?

I’m a big Tom Petty fan. I think he crafts really inspiring, fun, important songs. He’s the one that kind of taught me that fun music can still be serious music. There’s no reason that rock’n’roll can’t make you tap your toe and search your heart/mind at the same time.

You released your latest record Reciprocity back in September. How has the reception been to the record thus far?

I have been THRILLED. Everyone that has bought the record has given me great feedback and I’m not tired of it yet either, which is saying something haha. I’m so pleased to have made this one. The entire team was amazing to work with and it’s one of my favorite experiences so far in life.

Could you talk about the creative process – writing/recording – in making Reciprocity?

I was in a more folky band for about 7 years and never got to really write the style of music that I love the most…Rock/Pop/Soul. That’s what I think I’ve found as my voice in my solo career, over the past 3 years. A little of Sam Cooke/Beach Boys and a little Gavin DeGraw/Eric Hutchinson. I started focusing on writing in this style in March of 2011 and by June 2012, I had made Reciprocity. I decided to write about things that people could relate to easily. Then I added my personal brand of humor, fun, and imagery to it…and boom…my true songwriting voice kind of naturally surfaced. I knew exactly who I wanted to produce the record, Chad Copelin. I went out to Blackwatch Studios in Norman, OK for about a month and came back with a finished product. It was one of the best months of my life….maybe THE best haha. So proud of the record we made together. Thanks, Chad!

On your website, you do an online concert series called a “Cigar & A Song”, what inspired you to do something like this? And how do your fans take to the series?

I originally started doing it EVERY Monday night in the summer of 2011 and kept it going weekly for about 8 months. It was an idea I had in order to get my new songs out there and start a community around my websites since I didn’t have a record out yet. It worked well! Haha. Now I schedule them when I can and it’s become a great avenue to try out new songs and catch people up on what I’m doing.

You got a few tour dates coming up, including our own Foundation Gallery & Liveroom. What do you look forward to most in these upcoming stream of shows? What has been your favorite city to perform in so far?

I actually just had an INCREDIBLE weekend of shows in Boone, NC and North Augusta, SC. I went to school in Boone at Appalachian State University and played there Friday night to a packed little acoustic listening room on campus. Great turnout and wonderful to see old friends. Then I played an EXPERTLY curated home show series in North Augusta with Nathan Angelo and Skilyr Hicks on Saturday night. It’s basically 100 people in a killer room with wonderful sound and lighting. You can hear a pin drop and everyone that comes is ALL about the music. So amazing. I sincerely hope that Foundation is a repeat of that environment!

What can you fans expect from you in the new year?

A little acoustic EP by the end of the year, a lot more touring, some collaborations, full band shows, some shedding of pounds haha.

Thanks for talking to us at Pick-Up! We look forward to your show this weekend. Any last shout outs for your fans out there?

I’m EXTREMELY excited to be playing a BUNCEAROO PRESENTS show and look forward to meeting everyone at the show!

For more information on Steve Everett, visit his website www.steveeverett.net, like him on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter.

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