TFDI Music Festival – Tickets – Evanston SPACE – Evanston, IL – September 7th, 2018

TFDI Music Festival

TFDI Music Festival

Fri, September 7, 2018 - Sat, September 8, 2018

Doors: 4:00 pm / Show: 4:00 pm

Evanston SPACE

Evanston, IL

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Jay Nash, Tony Lucca and Matt Duke together are known as TFDI, which inadvertently formed in 2009.

TFDI — an acronym for “totally Fucking doing it” —
Mr. Lucca, who lives in Nashville, started his career on “The Mickey Mouse Club” on the Disney Channel. In 2012, he came in third place on NBC’s “The Voice.” He began his stint on the show by performing Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble,” with all four judges hitting their red “I Want You” button for him.
Mr. Duke’s latest album is “The Phoenix,” a conceptual album about clinical depression and “the ebb and flow of one’s emotional state of being.” He lives in Philadelphia, Pa.
common ground found
Mr. Nash and Mr. Lucca met in Los Angeles, where they were performing at cafes and other locations.
“My manager and Tony’s manager got together and thought it would be a good idea to send us out on tour as a co-bill,” Mr. Nash said. “We have fan bases scattered around the country.”
In 2009, a plan was made to have Mr. Nash or Mr. Lucca headline shows, depending on the location. Mr. Duke was added as an opening act.
But less than four shows into the tour, the three were backstage and launched into an impromptu rendition of “The Weight” by The Band.
“That’s where we found some musical common ground,” Mr. Nash said. “I come from the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan school, Tony leans a little bit more heavily toward blue-eyed soul, Crosby, Stills and Nash kind of stuff, and Matt is a child of ’90s alternative rock.”
The trio then began performing together on stage.
“From there we started picking out songs from each of our repertoires to play on stage together each night,” Mr. Nash said. “The audiences responded enthusiastically to see all three of us on stage together. The three-part harmony was a pretty fun thing, and effortless.”
“We knew that touring together would have its own natural multiplier and draw our individual fans out to each show and that’s exactly what happened,” Mr. Lucca said in a phone interview. “It was a smart business decision as much as it was mutual admiration.”
Halfway through that 2009 tour, the TFDI trio stopped at a recording studio in Evanston, Ill.
“We recorded one each of our original songs and a cover of ‘The Weight,’” Mr. Nash said. “We spent two or three hours in the studio. We really didn’t think we were making a record at the time.”
But the individual managers of the trio liked what they heard in the recordings. The songs found their way to the Rykodisc label, which released a four-song EP.
“Everything we’ve done with TFDI has been with very minimal effort,” Mr. Lucca said. “I don’t mean that in a lazy, sort of phoning-it-in sort of way. It required very little frustration and over-examining. We’d sit down and play the songs and it comes extremely natural.”
In the fall of 2009, the EP, self-titled after the band, debuted at number five on iTunes’ singer/songwriter chart. It quickly rose to No. 1 and stayed there for several weeks.
“It went on to sell 30,000 copies, which shocked everybody, most of all us,” Mr. Nash said.
In the fall of 2010, went on a new tour, which was largely sold out. TFDI released a full-length album, “When I Stop Running,” in 2011. That album’s supporting tour was cut short when Mr. Lucca was accepted for “The Voice.”
Mr. Lucca’s appearance on the TV competition put TFDI on hiatus. Mr. Nash and Mr. Duke continued their other projects. But the three reunited last year at the Off the Record music festival in Atlantic City, N.J. TFDI was the headline act and the performance was sold out.
“We hadn’t played these songs in five years,” Mr. Nash said. “We had a couple rehearsals, but it was like putting on a super hero outfit. It just came back, like stepping into something more powerful than yourself.”
On stage, they were surprised to discover the audience singing along to the five-year-old songs.
“They had been listening to our record enthusiastically and diligently for over five years,” Mr. Nash said. “It was a powerful experience that rattled our cages a little bit.”
TFDI performed another concert last year in Evanston in front of another receptive audience. It was then decided they would make another recording. The six-song “Beggars & Ballers” EP was recorded at Mr. Nash’s studio in Vermont and released March 31, which was followed by a national tour.
Mr. Nash said he hadn’t been able to lure Mr. Lucca or Mr. Duke to Rock for the River concerts because of their schedules.
“Matt and Tony have never been to the river,” Mr. Nash said. “But it’s been something on my to-do list to get them there to make some music.”
After the Aug. 26 concert in Clayton, the trio will head back to Mr. Nash’s studio in Vermont to record more TFDI selections.
“The songs that have come out of our sessions have come from one of us coming to the writing table with a particularly formed piece of music or lyrical idea,” Mr. Nash said.
TFDI plans to tour the Midwest in December.
Mr. Lucca said he enjoys the trio’s chemistry at TFDI’s concerts. “Each of us can pare down what role we’re playing at any given time,” he said. “In some shows, Jay strikes a chord with the audience and finds a funny bone and I get to be the more serious, keep-the-ride-on-the-rail guy.”
In October, Mr. Nash will be touring Europe as part of the release of a new album by The Contenders, which is made up of him and North Carolina native Josh Day.
“For the foreseeable future, it’s going to be bouncing back between these two projects,” Mr. Nash said. “That’s fine for me because I love them both.”
Venue Information:
Evanston SPACE
1245 Chicago Ave
Evanston, IL, 60202