Off The Record Music Festival – Tickets – The Claridge Hotel – Atlantic City, NJ – June 1st, 2017

Off The Record Music Festival

Noble Steed & BUNCEAROO Present

Off The Record Music Festival

Thu, June 1, 2017 - Sat, June 3, 2017

Doors: 12:00 pm / Show: 4:00 pm

The Claridge Hotel

Atlantic City, NJ

$199 - $299

Hey Monea
Hey Monea
For brothers Dan and Nate Monea and longtime friend Adam Orin, their time is meant to be spent doing what they love – writing, recording and performing music. "Even though Nate was just 13 and I was 16 when we played our first show, I knew music would be our life", says Dan. That passion was affirmed in 2012, when this childhood trio from Cleveland, Ohio were selected to open for Bruce Springsteen to perform in front of 60,000 fans during Hard Rock Calling's summer music festival in London's Hyde Park. The band secured this opportunity by winning Hard Rock's worldwide battle of the bands, besting over 12,000 other bands from around the world. Since then, Hey Monea has shared the stage with many of their musical heroes: ranging from the Bare Naked Ladies and the Goo Goo Dolls to the Doobie Brothers, Lady Antebellum, and Kid Rock. These influences resonate deeply in their music and was captured efficiently by legendary Grammy winning producer Dennis Herring (Counting Crows, Elvis Costello, Modest Mouse) on the bands' major label debut, Cheap Souvenirs, in late 2013. The band spent two years living on the road in support of Cheap Souvenirs, playing club dates and festivals across the country, as well as opening Bronze Radio Return's entire 2014 Summer tour. On the heels of all of that activity, Hey Monea elected to seclude themselves away in a cabin in Florida to write, record and self-produce their newest release, entitled "The Fifty." The record is meant to serve as a hearty homage to the United States, as Daniel Monea offers "not only is the American landscape the backdrop for our lives, it's the inspiration as well. With every new city comes different food, different culture, different nature, and most importantly different people who live entirely unique lives." Nate Monea adds "it's our privilege as a band, being able to travel and see new and diverse parts of the country. We try to use that inspiration, and this new album reflects that." Hey Monea doesn't consider themselves patriots in a traditional sense – as Daniel puts it, "We love America for the greasy spoons, farmers daughters, and fishing holes. For the people we meet along the way and for the freedom we all enjoy…" The songs on "The Fifty" reflect that love deeply on tunes like "Honey, I Do", a devotional love song that, according to Adam Orin, "takes a few risks and doesn't fit into a specific mold". America is the land of opportunity, and on "Filthy Rich", the band laments "late model cars and paper plates" and the other trappings of a band who aspires to break through. The calypso-tinged "Buenos Noches" addresses how love might, at timed, bridge the language barrier in our diverse country. "The Fifty" is due for a late summer release on independent imprint Noble Steed Music, and the band intends to tour with all of the enthusiasm reflected on this new, youthful batch of recordings. Find out more at and on social media.


Tour Kicks Off In Mid-November

Apparently they couldn't get enough of the "bromance" that began last year on their first annual "Totally F*ckin' Doin' It" Tour, because Tony Lucca, Jay Nash and Matt Duke are doing it all over again – one year later. To celebrate that anniversary, this year's 2.0 outing kicks off on November 11th at SPACE in Evanston, IL, and the three music compadres plan to criss-cross the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic, the South and the Midwest. (See tour schedule below.)

Says Lucca of the tour: "After years of recording, experimenting and exploring new sounds and directions, you just know when you've tapped into something truly exceptional - something that far exceeds any kind of expectations you might have had, whether your own or of others. That's how the first TFDI felt to me. I've never been one to tempt fate twice, but in this instance I'm willing to give it a go. I look forward to recording and touring with Jay and Matt again."

"It's a simple equation, but it works incredibly well," says Nash. "Three distinct songwriting voices and three guitars is the general blueprint, but this time around, expect surprises. Lucca gravitates toward an R&B and soul vibe, Matt Duke brings in the alternative rock, and I suppose that I am the hippie/Americana fan. Somehow it all blends together into beautiful cacophony. Last fall, I think that we found a great starting point and I cannot wait to continue on stage and in the studio. Also, Matt Duke, if you could bring an extra toothbrush along, that would be great."

"The first TFDI was a rollicking, melt-your-face-off, don't-forget-to-call-your-babysitter-because-tonight-is-rocking-way-too-hard-and-you-might-be-home-later-than-you-originally-thought, kind of tour," says Duke. "It wasn't just fun and games hanging out with Tony and Jay on the last tour, it was also probably one of the best bills I've ever been a part of - Tony brings a soulful, bluesy style to the stage, while Jay is Americana at his core; each penning thoughtful tunes with killer melodies. TFDI Part Deux is going to be a rip-roaring, where-did-my-face-go?, take-the-week-off-because-you-partied-way-too-hard-and-can't-find-your-keys-anyway, kind of tour, and I'm lucky to be a part of it."

During last year's tour, a series of video blogs allowed fans to watch the nightly shows and the travel between them, and there is sure to be more hilarity, musicality and hijinks of the same sort this go-around. Last year, the tour name was prompted by Nash's "Totally F*ckin' Doin' It" clip, a high-energy video blog jingle turned motto, and the rest was history. From then on, the venues were filled every night with fans singing and chanting the jingle along with Lucca, Nash and Duke.

The first outing spawned the "TFDI" EP, which was recorded to commemorate the tour and was released last November. A recording session is already planned at SPACE's state-of-the-art studio this time around, where they will be recording a full-length follow-up to the "TFDI" EP. The November 11th show will also be recorded for a potential live album. Rock Ridge Music President Jason Spiewak (Benjy Davis Project, Pat McGee, Ernie Halter) will be co-producing the studio album alongside Lucca, Duke and Nash.
Marc Broussard
Marc Broussard
Marc Broussard is an artist with a unique gift of channeling the spirits of classic R&B, rock and soul into contemporary terms. This gift has been a matter of common knowledge since 2002, when Broussard released his debut album, Momentary Setback, which he recorded and released independently at age 20. It was no secret before then, going back to those lucky witnesses who heard him belt "Johnny B. Goode" onstage at age 5 while sitting in with his father's band. Throughout his life, Broussard has been tapped as a talent to watch.

Marc's song "Home" was successful at radio and catapulted him onto the national touring stage. His music has been placed in many TV shows and movies. The timeless, soulful nature of Marc's vocal lends well to Film and TV, and will continue to do so for years to come.

Marc inked a deal with Vanguard records in July 2012 and will be writing and recording this fall. He will be releasing an LP early 2013 as well as touring extensively.
Tony Lucca
Tony Lucca
It is nearly impossible to find a current singer/songwriter between the ages of 20 and 40 who doesn’t have a seemingly identical list of influences as their peers. Whether its the soul-bearing lyrics of Stevie Wonder, or the gritty folk music of Bob Dylan, the unbridled creativity of Dave Matthews, or the overwhelming truth of Ray LaMontange, somehow these artists all seem to inform the landscape of the modern singer/songwriter. What tends to separate an artist from that pack is experience, confidence and self-exploration. 8 full-length albums into his career, Tony Lucca has become a standard-bearer to some, a torch-bearer to others, and all the while Lucca’s confidence is matched only by his humble appreciation for his path in the wild world of entertainment.

There have been quite a few milestones along the way for Lucca, and it all began for him as a Mousketeer on the Mickey Mouse Club. Lucca’s rise to fame also included a brief stint on an Aaron Spelling prime time drama coupled with a rather public relationship with actress Keri Russell. Fast forward a few years and find Lucca working with fellow former Mouse Club co-star Justin Timberlake, starring in a commercial directed by Timberlake for his own 901 Tequila. Lucca then played himself in an episode of NBC’s hit show “Parenthood”. In 2012, Lucca returned to Hollywood, this time as a finalist on Team Adam (Levine) of the hit show The Voice on NBC. All the while honing a craft that somehow managed to remain the primary focus of his heart, soul and passion – songwriting.

A master of observation, Lucca seems to have stored away every last experience and anecdote as a stepping off point, a palette and canvas with which to turn his impressions of life and relationships into beautiful, thoughtful and often emotionally painful songs that tend to find their way deep into the cracks and crevices of his listeners’ hearts. With almost 20 years of industry experience, Lucca has taken great pride in maintaining a thorough connection with his fans at his dynamic live shows, and by always attempting to stay out in front of the endless barrage of changes, the ups and downs that have left so many in the music business in their own wake. Lucca had the foresight to establish long before the proliferation of social media, yet he has also successfully embraced the ever-changing tech landscape, garnering over half a million followers on twitter (@luccadoes). Lucca truly has embodied the notion that independent doesn’t mean alone: he remains dedicated, determined and nothing if not eternally grateful for what has been an unimaginable ride, with an entirely original soundtrack.
Paul Pfau
Paul Pfau
Paul Pfau (like "wow") is a soulful singer-songwriter and guitar player from the Baltimore-Washington Metro Area.
With hands like Hendrix and a voice that croon's with Sinatra's charm, Paul brings an authentic sound to the modern era. His unique approach to music combines blues & New Orleans funk rhythms, with classic & contemporary sounding pop melodies. Since graduating from Shepherd University with an Economics degree in 2010, Paul has averaged over 150 gigs a year. By 2011 he was nominated Best New Artist by the Washington Area Music Association, opened for The Lumineers, and had the distinct pleasure of jamming with the Beach Boys. In 2012 he began recording his debut full length album "Happy To Be" on which he worked with award-winning mixing engineer Jeff Juliano, who was responsible for the debut records of John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Dave Matthews Band. This year, Paul and his band will travel the east coast on the release of "Happy To Be" (now available on iTunes) and is opening for blues legends Sonny Landreth & Maceo Parker.
Caleb Hawley
Caleb Hawley
On paper, Caleb Hawley’s resume reads as the standard Who’s Who for up-and-coming songwriters. Then you hear him sing, and you realize there is only one word needed to describe this artist: Extraordinary.

From his ability to write intricate lyrics with cutting-edge chords to his lightening fast licks and ear for taste and style, there is absolutely nothing average about this shaggy-haired, blue-eyed, multi-faceted musician. Receiving top honors in the prestigious New York Songwriters Circle Contest (2008 and 2009), the John Lennon Songwriting Contest (2009), the Telluride Festival (2010), the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (2010), and Rocky Mountain Folks Fest (2011) for his songwriting, he also has a voice to place him in the final fifty on the 2011 American Idol Season. Hawley is as aggressive as he is perseverant in advancing his art and impressing audiences with his unique and catchy approach to music.

Sharing the stage with industry greats such as Mark Cohn, Rusted Root, Dave Matthews Band, Shawn Mullins, and Edwin McCain, this diverse songwriter has written and produced three albums and toured all over the country playing sold-out venues and nationwide festivals. Though his initial passion simply began with a guitar and a love for a wide variety of music from Metallica to Martin Sexton, it was shortly after graduating Berklee College of Music with a degree in jazz composition that Caleb discovered a knack for song writing. He quickly made his way to New York City to pursue his newfound ambitions.

While lyrically influenced by observational writers such as Randy Newman and Tom Waits, Hawley is also well known for his outstanding vocal capacity and range. The humble performer captivates audiences with soothing folk tunes in the same manner as James Taylor, and with the next breath blows them away with his powerhouse of soul, likened to that of Stevie Wonder. Audiences leave a Caleb Hawley show with a permanent grin, a heart full of laughter, and a tune to hum the whole way home.

Approaching his art from the purest of places, Caleb is engaging in his awe-inspiring talent, his genuine love for music and his unsurpassed work ethic that has set him on a road destined for enormous success. Maintaining a thoroughly entertaining presence on every stage he steps foot on, Hawley continues to thrill fans from New York to L.A. He is respected by fellow musicians and audiences alike for his genuine spirit, natural abilities, and heart of gold, making this small town Midwestern boy a role model for every young musician who started out with just a dollar and a dream.

~Christina Morelli, NYC Art Scene
Ari Hest
Ari Hest
New York native Ari Hest has become one of the most prodigious names in contemporary song writing. Since beginning to write songs in his late teens, Hest has released seven albums and three EP's. Using a constant, moment driven writing process, Ari pens songs both esoteric and organic. Catch him before the show and you'll likely find him humming a tune into his cell phone or scribbling lyrics into a back-pocket notebook. That's the way Ari's music is; immediate, honest, close to the heart and on the tip of the tongue. It's a way of making sense of things and a conduit through which we find ourselves getting to know Ari himself. In Ari's words, "I wanted people to hear it and feel like they opened a window into someone's thought process. Someone is drawn to something, a person or an idea of some kind, and there's this ride of emotions that follow - optimism, gratitude, self-sabotage, and eventually a desire to keep it simple and not think so damn much."
Jenn Grinels
Jenn Grinels
Seattle based singer/songwriter Jenn Grinels captivates audiences everywhere with her powerful vocals. In October 2007, Grinels gave up her California apartment and set out on a cross country tour armed with nothing but her guitar, a beautiful voice and a passion for music. What was originally planned as a 6 month tour has ended up lasting more than 5 years. In that period of time, the acclaimed indie artist has released two full-length albums, built a loyal fan base and won numerous awards for her electrifying live performances.
Todd Carey
Todd Carey
With his latest album, Watching Waiting, the Chicago-based guitar slinging singer/songwriter expresses his trials and tribulations through stories of his own neurosis's in search for love, answers, obsessions, and truth, uniquely blanketed by an overlying optimism about what we all hold most dear. Produced by Marshall Altman, (Marc Broussard, Matt Nathanson) recorded by Niko Bolas (Neil Young, Fiona Apple, Rachael Yamagata), and mixed by Brian Malouf (O.A.R., Natasha Bedingfield, Pearl Jam) Watching Waiting showcases Todd's unique take on contemporary pop-rock song craft, and stands out like an oasis of emotionalism in a cynical rock 'n' roll wasteland. Though Watching Waiting is largely shaped by Carey's recent experiences, the album's themes of restlessness, displacement, homecoming and triumph are universally resonant. "This record attempts to translate the emotion of longing into sound," says Carey. "That's why the title track describes the process of 'want', bordering on obsession.

The Illinois Entertainer speaks that "His guitar-driven pop rock and soul are accessible to sell millions if given the chance. " Although Carey's songs would be impressive enough if they were simply wonderfully crafted, radio-ready gems, there's an actual story behind Watching Waiting's pop-inflected melodies, bedrock rhythms and introspective lyrics. Back in 2004, Carey found himself at a crossroads. Born and raised in the Chicago area, he had moved to Los Angeles in the late '90s to study music at the prestigious University of Southern California. Before long, he was earning his rock 'n' roll keep as front man for the improvisational LA band, Telepathy. Though Carey's charismatic stage presence helped transform Telepathy into one of southern California's most successful club acts, the singer-guitarist found himself beset by feelings of restlessness, and returned to Chicago with new direction. "It was the live thing," Carey recalls with a laugh, referring to Mid-West's fanatical crowds. "I missed playing shows for audiences who really want to grow with their artists." "Touring has always been the most important thing for me about being a musician. I crave the connection of performing my music for people, and there is nothing better than seeing what I hold most dear affecting and connecting with others." This year alone, Carey has performed over 100 shows in clubs, festivals and college campuses, headlining most of them, with stints opening for the aristocratic likes of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Jackson Browne, Jason Mraz, Marc Broussard, G. Love & Special Sauce, Josh Kelley and more. "I am getting a lot of support from bloggers, fans, and press in the community of my genre which feels great." Carey is referring to his recent and coveted featured artist slots on tastemaker websites like and The Hub on MySpace, and a staff pick on the exclusive MySpace digital distributor SnoCap, all which brought great attention to recent touring.

Traditional press continues to spout out glowing and optimistic reviews like stating "…the acoustic guitar funk of the album opening "Ain't Got Love"…sounds custom made for the top of the pop charts." Television is catching on too with morning show appearances on WGN Chicago, FOX Milwaukee and FOX St. Louis. On the radio front, 2 powerhouse stations WTMX Chicago and 99x Atlanta has spun the single "Ain't Got Love", and several Triple A format stations have picked it up including WQNR Alabama, KDBB Missouri, WYOU Virginia Beach, KCUV Denver, WMVY Martha's Vineyard, KCLC St. Louis, KXCI Tucson, and WJCU Cleveland. Todd's music can be also heard on MTV's The Real World, the independent coming-of-age film Palo Alto, and widely seen on his YouTube channel

Last November, towards their goal of capturing the right magic in the studio, Carey and producer Marshall Altman assembled and recorded with a crackerjack supporting band for Watching Waiting, including drummer Aaron Sterling (Liz Phair, Natasha Bedingfield, Ben Taylor), bassist Jonathan Ahrens (Matt Redman, Josh Kelley) and keyboardist Ben West. Additional guitar textures were supplied by guitarist Michael Chaves (Sarah McLachlan, John Mayer, Rufus Wainwright). Confident with the spirit of the tracks, Carey and Altman sequestered themselves in various studios around L.A, where Carey laid down the additional guitars and vocals that shape the album. "I spent a lot of time trying to give the tracks a unique flavor by adding the atmospheric and lead guitar tones that I identify with on a personal level. Beyond the superb playing of the band, I wanted the guitars and vocals to avoid some of the singer/songwriter clichés while not heading too far astray from the genre." You can almost see Carey's wink to the listener in the track "King of Cliché." As he sings "I'm the king of cliché'/all my dreams are this way," he separates himself from his contemporaries with soul grooves and funky leads that segue into chimey acoustic guitars over pounding drums. "I couldn't be happier with this record," Carey says with exuberance akin to a child in a sandbox. "There was a coherence in the writing, in the demos, the rehearsals, the performances, and the production. They all came together. But the roots of it really comes from getting up in front of an audience who really want to be moved."

For Carey, Watching Waiting is the most recent chapter in an already storied career. The singer's independently produced 2005 debut solo album, "Revolving World," effectively showcased Carey's eclectic songs, wide-ranging guitar skills and performing intensity. "Revolving World" found Carey working alongside engineer Paul DuGre (Tracy Chapman, Mike Gordon, Leo Kottke, Los Lobos), and producer Jim Tullio (Los Lonely Boys, The Band, Staple Singers). Both albums can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and all other digital download services, in addition to CDs available on Amazon, and at other traditional chain retail outlets.
Chrissi Poland
Chrissi Poland
Enchanting singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Chrissi Poland weaves together the sounds of soul and pop, delivering electric performances time after time. Her songs have appeared on the HBO and Bravo networks, and she has toured the world and recorded with such artists at Nile Rodgers, Sting, Moby, Lady Gaga, and Scissor Sisters. Her most recent release Waking Hour is her fourth solo studio album. John Barry of the Poughkeepsie Journal writers of Chrissi, "Imagine Amy Winehouse meets Joan Osbourne…she crafts original tunes that harness soul".
Jesse Ruben
Jesse Ruben
25-year-old, Philly-bred singer-songwriter Jesse Ruben freely confides that he's done a bit of "obsessing" over his second album, The Ones That Matter.

Not that such anxiety is evident on the highly accomplished disc, the follow-up to Ruben's self-released 2008 debut, Aiming for Honesty. Adding full-band accompaniment to his lush, soulful pop-rock, Ruben also stretches impressively as a writer on The Ones That Matter, achieving a near-novelistic sense of character and setting on finely hewn tracks like "A Lack of Armor," "Bleeker and Sixth," and "Unbreakable." His relentless attention to detail pays off handsomely.

He makes no apology for meticulously fine-tuning all aspects of his work and presentation. "Every time you create something you have an opportunity to say something new – or at least something honest," he says. "I take that opportunity seriously."

Ruben's expansive and deeply compassionate point of view has resonated strongly with an ever-growing audience, whom the performer has cultivated with virtually nonstop touring and persistent online networking; as a result, he's sold some 5,000 copies of Honesty on his own.

He often receives emotional messages from fans declaring that his songs have crystallized their feelings, commemorated milestones in their lives and even helped repair broken bonds. "One woman wrote to me and said she and her daughter didn't get along, but when she drives the girl to school every day they listen to my music – and it's the only time they don't fight," he marvels. "The songs I wrote in my basement helped her relationship with her daughter. How could I ask for more than that?" Indeed, his compositions have connected so powerfully with listeners that several cover versions have been posted on YouTube.

Such moments of connection helped inspire the title of The Ones That Matter. Ruben had compiled a list of some 80 candidates, but it was in the aftermath of the recording process that he realized what the disc should be called.

"I was on an epic road trip," he remembers of this epiphany. "I realized that as much as this album is about music, it's ultimately a representation of who I am – and all that amounts to is all the incredible people I've surrounded myself with, and the places I've spent time, and the stories and jokes that came out of those experiences with those people. That's when I understood that the only logical name for the album was The Ones That Matter."

Recorded during a record-breaking snowstorm in Charlottesville, Virginia – where producer Chris Keup (Jason Mraz, OAR, Parachute) and partner Stewart Myers (Mraz, Lifehouse, Rachel Yamagata, Mandy Moore) have their studio – the disc afforded Ruben a chance to fully appreciate the devotion of his pals. "I had some of my best friends in the world come down to help me finish the record," he relates. Other players on the disc include drummer Brian Jones (Mraz, Yamagata, Moore); and keyboardist Daniel Clark (Ryan Adams, kd lang, Moore). Meyers handled bass on several tracks.

The profound gratitude Ruben felt upon finishing the album snowballed in the coming days. "I wanted the title of this record to express my thanks to everyone who mattered – not just my friends who worked on the record, but their friends. The people who gave me a couch to crash on, made me dinner, drove me to the train station. Everyone who came to my shows, and walked up to tell me what the songs meant to them. I'm thanking them all with this record."

Ruben's story begins in the heart of a musical family. His father and grandfather were both professional musicians, performing at weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, corporate events and other gatherings in Philadelphia and its environs. Ruben recalls watching in awe as his dad's band rehearsed rock, pop and R&B hits. He began taking piano lessons, but lost interest during his adolescence. "I had told myself I couldn't play guitar because that was my dad's instrument," he notes. "Then I realized how stupid that was." His father bought him a cheap guitar with the promise of a better instrument if he made progress; the guitar felt right in Jesse's hands, and by age 16 he was writing songs.

The artist cites singer-songwriters like Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell and James Taylor as his greatest influences, but also admits a fondness for the standards penned by Cole Porter and the Gershwins. While he's loath to compare himself to his idols, he says he takes courage in their stories. "Paul Simon wasn't always hailed as a genius," he points out. "At first, he was a 20-year-old kid with a guitar who dreamed up these incredibly ambitious songs. Realizing that helped me give myself permission to write what I wanted to write."

He only applied to one college: Berklee College of Music in Boston. His first year there was a struggle, as he plunked out rudimentary solos in guitar classes filled with fusion-shredding virtuosos. But once he was able to focus on songwriting, Ruben blossomed; regular gigging soon followed. "By the time I graduated," he points out, "I was on the road pretty much every weekend."

As a live performer he racked up odd experiences like playing backyard barbecues, singing at a daytime Sweet 16 party, and even serenading a couple of fans on their anniversary (he showed up in their kitchen with his guitar, at the woman's bidding, to surprise her boyfriend). The gigs gradually got bigger, and soon Ruben was paying his rent with engagements across the East Coast – becoming adept at getting around by commuter rail, booking cheap flights, promoting his shows and maintaining contact with fans via Facebook, his blog and the comments on his YouTube video posts.

The online community also came in handy when he was recording his debut album. "I had no money, and five of my friends held a Facebook fundraiser for me," he reports. "They presented me with a giant check for $2,500 on my twenty-first birthday." And though elements of this initial effort seem distant to him now, Ruben credits Honesty with giving him a leg up in building his audience; in addition to the brisk sales of his debut, he continues to enjoy rapturous fan feedback about its songs.

Upon graduating from Berklee in 2008, Ruben was already living out of a suitcase in his battle-tested Toyota. "If I had my choice, I'd be touring all the time," he volunteers. "I love the lifestyle – sleeping late and getting up and driving and playing and meeting a bunch of people and doing the same thing the next day. I love not having to worry about cleaning my room or doing dishes; I'm cool with living out of a suitcase; I'm just working toward the day when I can trade the Greyhound for a bus of my own."

"I'm staying out of New York for a while," Ruben sings in "A Lack of Armor," although that self-imposed exile may soon be coming to an end, as the singer-songwriter plans a move to the Empire State from his temporary base in Nashville. But for the time being, Ruben's true home is the road – where he'll no doubt continue to touch lives, have offbeat adventures and add new names to the ever-growing list of The Ones That Matter.
Anna Rose
Anna Rose
If New York-based rocker Anna Rose could add a subtitle to her name, she says it would be, “Don’t Let the Name Fool You.” She couldn’t be more right. With that sweet name, the angelic blonde hair, the petite frame and unassuming smile, one might think she’s just another pretty face with a pretty voice who likes to sing pretty songs.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Anna Rose is a spitfire of rock and roll passion, a true guitar head who doesn’t mind getting her fingers bloody, and a mix of Jim Morrison’s sexy bravado with Brigitte Bardot’s seductive stare onstage. It’s the dichotomy of masculine and feminine, retro and modern, strong and vulnerable that makes her sophomore effort, Behold a Pale Horse, a true statement of who she is as a woman, a performer, and an artist.
“My name is very sugary, but my personality is very spicy. My mom used to call me a little ball of fire. I love hard. I hate hard. I play hard, but if you calm me down, I can be gentle. That’s what this album is. It shows the true essence of who I really am as a person, as an artist,” says the East Village New York-based 27-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist.

And who that is exactly is a little bit of rock and roll, a little bit of blues, and a whole lot of a songwriter who is finally coming into her own and finding her true voice. “My first record, Nomad, was more of a collection of songs from a young songwriter. It was a songwriter showcase album. But on Behold a Pale Horse you really see the kind of artist I am and want to be. It’s more of an artist’s album,” she says.

img-anna-bio-2-tmp Her new material is coming from a stronger, deeper, and even darker place. The CD title, and title track, Behold a Pale Horse is a phrase from the Book of Revelations, and is a representation of death. ” The album is about the concept of death and what that really means to each of us individually based on our histories. For me, death is not just physically dying. It can be the death of a relationship or a friendship, the ending of an era in your life, anything like that. Death is everywhere, but so is rebirth and it’s that cycle that spawned this record,” says Anna Rose. “This album might have come from a darker place, but ultimately I think helped create this stronger more empowered me. I finally feel like I know where I belong now and I know who I am more than ever before.”

Her talented family is a big part of who she is. Her father is Oscar-winning Disney composer Alan Menken and her mother, Janis, was a dedicated and celebrated dancer who donned ballet shoes until she was 8 ½ months pregnant. Not only did Anna Rose inherit her parents’ musical and dancing talent – having danced as soon as she could walk, sing as soon as she could talk, and learned piano at 2 and guitar at 5 – but she was instilled with a strong work ethic as well. And though she grew up in the house that Disney built – and even sang on demos for dad’s score to Enchanted and Tangled – Anna Rose’s musical soul leans more toward gritty, blues-drenched rock and roll from the ‘60s and ‘70s.

“As much as my dad’s known for Disney musicals, at home it was very much more rock and roll – Little Feat, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles,” she says. “And, I’m drawn toward strong females – especially as inspirations for this album – such as Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin (her dog is named Joplin), Chrissie Hynde, and Joan Jett. But there are also influences of the Stooges, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, and even back to Son House, Muddy Waters, and Buddy Guy. Yes, I’m an old soul.” (She even got to fill Iggy Pop’s shoes at a benefit for the late Ron Asheton at the Roxy in L.A. in 2010.)

Anna Rose taps into those influences beautifully on the Kevin Salem-produced Behold a Pale Horse, in which she wrote or co-wrote all of the 11 songs. “I used to write in a vacuum, just by myself. I felt like I had to do it alone,” she admits. “But Kevin really opened me up to writing with others for the first time and to opening myself up musically. He also helped me be comfortable in bringing out the rock more on this record – and this record is definitely a lot harder. I really feel like I’ve grown because of it.”

Moving back to New York after a five-year stint in Los Angeles also weighs in on this record musically and lyrically, especially on the songs “Los Angeles” and “Beautiful World.” “Los Angeles’ is all about this city that I idolized for its ‘60s/’70s Laurel Canyon music scene, which influenced Nomad. On that record, I was searching for something. I was restless,” explains Anna Rose, who wrote more on electric guitar than acoustic this time around to achieve that more rocking sound. “And ‘Beautiful World’ is about returning to New York and realizing this is where my home is, this is where that restlessness quiets. This is where my search stops.”

Though the idea of death in general, provided a focus for the album, the title track, “Behold a Pale Horse,” is actually more about one’s legacy. “I think all that matters is what you leave behind. I want to leave behind really great music that’s not just a hooky song for radio or something people can shake their ass to. I want to make music today that will allow me to keep making music tomorrow. Music that is real and authentic,” she says.

On Behold a Pale Horse, Anna Rose is certainly off to a great start on creating that musical legacy.
Andrea Nardello
Andrea Nardello
Andrea Nardello's music can be described with one word: power. Power in the studio; power in her soaring melodies; power in her lyrics; and power on stage. Embracing joy, love, camaraderie, and lusty encounters, Andrea’s songs are punctuated with strong rhythms - all delivered by her unique voice.

"My Aeroplane," Nardello's sophomore release, was under consideration for a Grammy Nomination for 2010. Produced by Aaron Levinson, “My Aeroplane” takes listeners on a ride through clear skies and rumbling thunderclouds. On it, Nardello explores romance, family, and friendship with her signature sophistication and simplicity. Working within the singer-songwriter genre with the soul and passion of Janis Joplin and Carole King, Nardello cuts across the boundaries of the folk genre. Her lyric sensibility is reminiscent of the best poets of rock, pop and hiphop, ensnaring fans up and down both coasts and across the South.

Lovers of her music in Philly, West Virginia and Atlanta have packed her shows for years, and she is making a name for herself on Music Row in Nashville, having been invited onstage at several venues, fronting Jay Brunswick and Craig Curtis, among others. Concert-goers in Seattle, the French Quarter of New Orleans, and Kentucky have also been thrilled by Andrea Nardello's exquisite music and powerful stage performances.

Andrea is currently writing material for her 3rd studio album, due in 2013.
Killer Deluxe
Killer Deluxe
KILLER DELUXE is the throwback brain child of Andy Waldeck and Chris Reardon.

This dynamic duo of multi-instrumentalists and singer/songwriters has been producing and songwriting together since the late 90's when their groundbreaking modern rock quartet, Earth To Andy, was lighting up stages around the country. Earth To Andy toured nationally with Stone Temple Pilots, Fuel and Tonic, and more in an effort to promote their critically acclaimed record "Chronicle Kings", on Warner Brothers boutique label, Giant Records.

Following Earth To Andy, the duo found a steady flow of songwriting work together, landing notable cuts with artists such as Daughtry, David Cook, and others. While enjoying the rewards of writing for established artists, these two had something new brewing in their collective minds.

KILLER DELUXE was born from songs the duo had initially penned for other artists into a cohesive collection of tunes.
First came the album, and once that was completed, it was obvious that the duo's signature production warranted its own entity as well. Again KILLER DELUXE.
A management deal was secured with JLS Artist Management based on the outstanding strength and unique quality of the songwriting and retro-soul production. JLS immediately paired KILLER DELUXE with two-time TONY nominee Constantine Maroulis for his new album project.

KILLER DELUXE's self-titled album was released in February of 2016 and has been blowing minds since it dropped on the strength of their lead single "Tomorrow Is Yesterday"

Chris and Andy decided it was time to try this new creation out in a live setting. Jammin Java being home turf, it was the obvious choice for the debut live performance of KILLER DELUXE!

Dual lead vocal duties are handled by Chris and Andy in the same "trading lines", Blues Brothers-style employed on the album.

Band members are :
Nate Brown - Drums and back ground vocals
Mike Tony Echols - Bass and background vocals
Matt Miceli - Guitar
Tommy Gann - Keyboards and background vocals
Ken Francis Wenzel - Saxophone and background vocals
Daniel Davis - Trumpet
Teddy Chipouras
Teddy Chipouras
Teddy Chipouras a 18 year old with an old soul. Raised in rural Loudoun County, VA near the Potomac River, this singer songwriter chooses and writes songs that reflect his love of folk rock. Teddy is a self taught musician who plays acoustic and electric guitar and keeps time with a suitcase drum he built himself. Although he has been performing for only a little over a year, he has created quite a following.
Meaghan Farrell
Meaghan Farrell
Harrisburg native and NYC transplant Meaghan Farrell has been sprinkling heavy doses of happiness and excitement to audiences through her music and lyrics for over 5 years. The eager and passionate singer, performer, and writer, who finds bursts of inspiration everywhere from the shower to the streets of NYC, has been vocally compared to the likes of female rockers like Melissa Etheridge and PINK! Touching on the emotions of everyday life and drawing from past, tumultous experiences.

Influenced from childhood by everything from Billy Joel to Pearl Jam to Tori Amos, Meaghan was later moved by notable songwriters and musicians such as the late Jeff Buckley and Kings of Leon’s "Aha Shake Heartbreak" She moved to New York City and attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy with the intent of pursuing musical theatre, but later discovered her truest self came out when writing and performing original work.
Venue Information:
The Claridge Hotel
123 S Indiana Ave
Atlantic City, NJ, 08401